Notes, all our E-Commerce packages with higher spending includes 12 months domain registration at no cost and 1 month free hosting registration. However additional cost if you want to continue with the service and your account. We also have individual charges for domain and hosting registration, cost depends on the Ecommerce website package you choose and the period you want the service for..


  • Login and registration
  • Search bar
  • Navigation management (departments, categories, sub-categories & products)
  • Product Filters
  • Product attributes & multiple product images
  • Product ratings
  • Related & featured products
  • Stock management
  • Discount & offer management
  • Shopping cart
  • Payment integration (Paypal, Amazon, Stripe, SagePay etc)
  • Invoice & customer management
  • Newsletter subscription
  • News & blog
  • Website analytics

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Driving greater traffic has become a necessity to make online businesses grow and succeed. LB Internet Consultancy, one of the up-coming E-commerce website development company offers high-end and efficacious eCommerce plug-in, web design and module development solutions for SMEs and organisations. The growth of e-commerce industry has flourished the market and its customers with the ease of online shopping making the customers happy at every point of their dealings. E-Commerce helps in expanding the diameter or the reach ability of an enterprise. Getting a web design helps a business/company to give a boost to its online sales. Gradually E-Commerce is becoming a necessity more than an additional tool for business.

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Most powerful websites are found using WordPress. Also one can come across phrases saying WordPress comes for free. But not all features of it. So don’t get duped thinking that WordPress website development comes for free. In general the cost of a custom WordPress website will depend on the budget, client’s requirements and the specifications if any. An operative WordPress website will be charged for Web Hosting, domain name, designs, themes and more. We focus on building one such precise website without wasting a penny of yours.


WordPress is believed to be the most flexible and easy to use Content Management System even for an amateur. This can happen if a website is built using clean and organised code along with the perfect backend codes. A WordPress website development company like us will concentrate on doing it the right way, so as to make it easy to use. Also once a custom website has been built using WordPress, an individual need not even know the codes but continue working with it.


Well, 93% of all internet activity starts with a search. That means you’re going to have a tough time running an online store if users can’t discover your website through Google. But most eCommerce platforms today offer a variety of features that’ll help you optimise your eCommerce store for Google. But considering that SEO involves a lot of factors -UX, speed, meta tags, etc, you’ll need to find a platform that does well with all of them. With all this factors, LB Internet Consultancy will take care of your E-Commerce website and make sure it’s SEO friendly and use the latest plugins to make it search engine optimisation.


Plugins are a set of codes that need to be installed along with a WordPress website to enhance its features and working ability. However, finding the appropriate plugin is the difficult task. But once found, installing it and activating it on a website is pretty easy and can be done by an individual in hassle free manner. However, an experienced WordPress development company can provide the appropriate WP plugins for an easy operation of a website without much difficulty.


Mobile usage has increased dramatically in recent years and as such it is imperative that your website looks good and functions properly on mobile devices. We can provide you with a bespoke responsive website design for your eCommerce website or, if you prefer, we can build you a custom mobile website. Our consultants will be best placed to advise you on which approach would work best for your business. In addition, an iOS or Android App may be needed to service your customer base.


A slow loading website can be a definitely the most irritating place to visit for an individual. And if you have a slow loading eCommerce website believe it or not, you lose most of the customers mid-way. Therefore, make sure you have a responsive website which is quick and a properly managed. WordPress website is one such quick, responsive and properly managed website, when designed by expert WordPress website development companies like us managing proper themes and using all the right plugins.

Having an E-Commerce Website

Do you want to enhance or upgrade your business? E-commerce is the ideal solution to the question. We offer unique E-Commerce web design development solutions. Availing E-Commerce Website Development services & solutions from us will help you derive following benefits-


Electronic e-Commerce makes the use of internet in promoting the sites on the web for the use of its customers. With effective SEO strategies, the sites get the highest visibility bringing more traffic to the company site that increases the chances of generating leads.

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The web designing techniques used along with SEO for marketing the information and messages to customers with the help of our experts bring increased traffic making the sales go up to heights. This is one of the major advantages of e-Commerce web designing and development solutions.

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A highly reputed and reliable agency like LB Internet Consultancy offers eCommerce website services to a company to promote their e-Commerce website, this also upgrades the brand value by making it highly associated with its customers through the different communication channels in the SEO.

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An affordable and genuine E-commerce website development services provider not only deals in bringing the site created on popular platforms like WordPress but also take important steps in identifying the site issues which are posing hurdles in its growth.

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The job of every organic SEO services is to assist in getting great rankings which also makes locating the site easily on the web where maximum visitors approach bringing back new conversions to the business every time when they visit the site.

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There are many professionals in the field but what makes us stand apart from other players in the market is our dedication and passion for good work. As an e-Commerce website development company, we are dedicated to every project we work on. We assign our most efficient, skilled, qualified workforce for the same which results in a positive outcome.

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For additional services and prices, please feel free to contact us using the form below to make an enquiry, we will be glad to assist and ready to work with you!