Teach for Sierra Leone

Teach For Sierra Leone (TFSL) is a not-for-profit leadership development and education fellowship program that seeks to attract, recruit and develop a cohort of future leaders with a passion for ending educational inequity (disparities in quality of education) in Sierra Leone. The fellowship provides leadership training, teacher training, coaching and mentorship to highly qualified recent university graduates and professionals from varied disciplines.

TFSL fellows teach in high need schools and rural communities for two years, impacting the lives of individual children, affecting change in teaching practice, school culture and educational outcomes in the communities in which they serve.

Alumni of the Programme then have the opportunity to build on their classroom teaching experience to drive long-term change within the educational system as they progress into leadership roles in their varied private, public and educational sector professions, working to make systemic, long-term changes in the fight against educational inequity in Sierra Leone.

We completed the following:

  • Client wants a website with custom registration form from Form Assembly
  • Install form builder after form built on Form Assembly
  • Form was designed according to customer requirements
  • Customer wanted website colour to be Green, White and Blue
  • Created over 30 pages and blog integrated
  • LB Internet Consultancy also redesign client logo
  • LB Internet Consultancy design and build a professional website with advanced features
  • Premium template and plugins were used to design the website
  • Complex project however customer was happy with the outcome
  • Due to complexity and requirements, we took 4 weeks to complete the project including building the form on Form Assembly
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